Book Review: ‘The Unhoneymooners’ Is A Really Fun Rom-Con

If you are a fan of romantic comedies then you know the formula. Two people that don’t like each other end up following for each other. Then something happens and they break up. Then they realize how much they liked each other and get back together. The Unhoneymooners is no different.

Olive Torres has a twin sister Ami. They may be twins but they are two different people. Olive has always been a klutz. She once got stuck in a game machine. Ami has just gotten married to Dane. She paid for her wedding with mostly free stuff. She enters and enters contests and has a lucky streak. Her honeymoon is an all-inclusive trip to Hawaii. Problem is at the wedding just about everyone got food poisoning except Olive and best man Ethan, brother of Dane. Ethan and Olive do not like each other. It goes back two years.

Ami tells Olive to go in her place. She can just take Ami’s ID since they are identical twins. Olive doesn’t feel right about this as she is no good at lying. But she decides to go. Dane tells Ethan to go in his place. So now these two people who don’t like each other or get along are going together, sharing a suite and pretending to be husband and wife. They decide once they get there each will do their own thing. Seems easy right? Well the first day there Olive runs into her new boss at her new job. So she decides to tell him she just got married and Ethan has to play along. Then Ethan runs into his ex-girlfriend. So more pretending.

As the days go along and the two spend a lot of time together they actually talk and get to know each other. Ethan admits he liked Ami but Dane said some stuff and he didn’t pursue it. And Olive learns things about Dane as well. Soon the sexual tension between the two is too much and you know how that goes. They decide to give it a try as couple.

When they get home though things change due to Dane and Ami. Will they be able to keep this relationship alive or will it be over before it even begins (I think we know what the answer probably is!)

This is a really fun adventure with great characters, a fun story sent in Hawaii for the most part and two people you root for and want to be together. A perfect summer read for the beach, lake, river or just sitting out and enjoying the sunshine.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday. May 14th from Gallery Books.

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