Book Review: ‘The Twist Of A Knife: A Novel’ By Anthony Horowitz

A good old-fashioned detective mystery, with two fun, likeable characters, makes this a fun novel to read. Author Anthony Horowitz is at the end of his three book deal and writing with ex-detective Daniel Hawthorne. He doesn’t want to work with him anymore on the novels he has written based on cases that he has worked. Anthony has a new play opening in London’s West End and this is his focus. It’s opening night and all that waits are the reviews. At the after party critic Margaret Throsby shows up to the party and later writes a scathing review about the play being bad. The next day she’s found stabbed to death with a dagger given to Anthony the night before and a hair found at the scene. Anthony is now the prime suspect and he turns to Hawthorne to help clear him. The book follows them as they interview everyone that has anything to do with the play. And when it’s time for the police to arrest Horowitz, Hawthorne needs to figure everything out and fast.

You can pick up The Twist Of A Knife in stores on Tuesday, November 15th from Harper.

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