Book Review: ‘The Twelve Jays Of Christmas: A Meg Langslow Novel’ By Donna Andrews

There’s nothing better than a Meg Langslow book. It novel has fun stories, the interesting and quirky characters and Meg always being involved with a dead body, investigating and usually having her life in danger. It’s time for the annual Christmas celebration for Meg and her family. At the moment Meg and her mother are getting everything set-up. Meg has a sprained ankle so isn’t as useful as usual. Michael and the twins are away on a ski-trip but will be back in a few days. And Med has to put up with a houseguest named Roderick Castlemayne, a wildlife artist, working on a project for Grandfather. Meg just doesn’t like the guy and wants him out. And people keep showing up to see him including an ex-wife. Of course he ends up dead in the library and now the hunt is on for the killer. It seems it could be any number of people. With the holidays fast approaching and lots of family coming over, Meg wants to get this solved as quick as possible. She figures out clues and soon finds herself in danger again and this could be a bad Christmas for her. And on more positive news, her brother Rob and Delaney are getting married!

You can pick up The Twelve Jays Of Christmas in stores on Tuesday, October 19th from Minotaur Books.

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