Book Review: ‘The Truth About Ben And June: A Novel’ By Alex Kiester

The debut novel by author Alex Kiester is a very intense, character driven novel that will keep you engaged throughout as one man races to find his missing wife and mother of his six month old son. Ben and June have been together for years and married for a few. He’s a lawyer, who works a lot and June is a dancer still looking for her big break. She finally gets it but finds out she’s pregnant. She has a baby boy and they name him Mikey. Ben and June are like ships in the night. He works a lot and she takes care of the baby. Then six months after the birth Ben wakes up and no June. He searches the house and finds nothing. He calls all her friends and no one has any idea where she could be. Then he finds her suitcase gone and $5000 missing from their bank account. Ben starts digging and finds journals that June has written with letters to her mother, who died a few years ago to cancer and also about how she’s been feeling. Then Ben learns about troubles with other moms in the neighborhood and the more her learns, the more he figures out he doesn’t know about June. He puts on a frantic search and finally thinks he knows where she is and what has been wrong with her and hopes to get to her before it’s too late. It’s a book you won’t want to put down.

You can pick up The Truth About Ben And June in stores on Tuesday, June 28th from Park Row Books.

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