Book Review: ‘The Truants’ By Kate Weinberg

The debut novel from author Kate Weinberg takes place at a college in Britain and centers around 4 people.

Jess Walker is at university and one of the main reasons for choosing the school is because of one of the Professors Dr. Lorna Clay. She’s the author of the book The Truants (in the story), a book that really touched Jess. Once school starts Jess becomes good friends with Georgie, who comes from a rich, screwed up family. Her mother is into the pills and Georgie isn’t far behind her. They soon meet Nick who falls for Jess and Alec, a journalist from South Africa, who falls for Georgie. They become inseparable.

On top of that Jess and Georgie both become good friends with Lorna, who has a way about her and they way she lives her life. It’s not like a normal professor. Lorna feels herself becoming a different, fun person. But things take a turn when Alex and Jess find themselves in an attraction and then a tragedy happens. Jess finds herself in situations she shouldn’t be in and needs Lorna’s help. But does Jess really know her and how will she deal with the things that have taken shape recently in her life.

A solid debut novel from Kate that centers around Jess and her friends at college and having to deal with how their lives were and what they have become today. Parts of the book are a tad slow for my taste but the characters are well-defined and the story is solid. Kate is someone to look forward to with future novels.

You can pick up The Truants in stores on Tuesday, January 28th from Putnam.

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