Book Review: ‘The Tiffany Girls: A Novel’ By Shelley Noble

The year is 1899 and Mr. Tiffany is one of the premieres in glass work, and it’s in part to the women that work for him. In this historical fiction novel we follow along with three primary women, and their friends, as they work for the company, but want a lot more in their lives. For Emile Pascal, it’s escaping her home in Paris, and her father, who is an art forger. For Grace, she wants to be a writer, but women are generally not hired or accepted. And Clare, who manages the girls, and her budget, balancing a fine line with her job, and her desires as a designer herself, has to overcome many obstacles. But these women, and their friends, grow close together, work together, and have each other’s backs. This is a great look at the Tiffany company, how women were treated in this time, and how glass was made back then by hand. An enjoyable, well-written novel.

You can pick up The Tiffany Girls in stores on Tuesday, May 9th from William Morrow paperbacks.

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