Book Review: ‘The Swap: A Novel’ By Robyn Harding

A young girl named Low and a married woman named Jamie get infatuated and friended by Freya, a pottery maker and former social influencer, married to a former hockey player. Because of something that happened with her husband, they had to move and she had to stop with her online accounts.

Low sees an ad for pottery making and she signs up and she and Freya become friends. For Low it becomes more. And when Freya meets Jamie and her husband Brian, she starts to shun Low. Low starts spying on Freya and becoming obsessed. It soon becomes a game for Freya to be friends with both. Then one shocking night while doing shrooms, the two couples engage in some swapping and it will lead to consequences down the line. Deadly ones.

Sex, drugs and rock n roll lead to a chilling story with twists and turns and it leads to another good Robyn Harding novel.

You can pick up The Swap in stores on Tuesday, June 23rd

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