Book Review: ‘The Survivor: An Eve Duncan And Riley Smith Novel’ By Iris Johansen

The island of Palandan is under attack, and Maya will do what it takes to defend it. She enlists the help of Riley Smith, who turns to Eve Duncan, for help as well. Cade gets involved when attempts are made on Riley and Eve. The island has the body and treasure of an Amazon princes, and animals that now one will believe exist. It’s a battle for the ages between Cade’s forces, and that of Nadim, who wants the island, so he can poach the animals, and find the body and treasure for himself. It leads to a thrilling climax of the story, set during a snowstorm, an animal birth, and the finding of the Amazon body. This book doesn’t have a lot of Eve Duncan in it, but Riley Smith and Cade are badass, and more than make up for it. Fans of Iris and her novels will not be disappointed.

The book is in stores on Tuesday, June 6th, from Grand Central Publishing.

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