Book Review: ‘The Summer We Lost Her: A Novel’ By Tish Cohen

Matt and Elise have married for a long time now. They have an eight year old daughter named Gracie. They live in Manhattan where Matt is a lawyer and Elise has been training in dressage to ultimately make the Olympics. She is gone for long periods of time training and doing competitions. Matt is essentially a single parent. They are some how making it work but just barely. Money is becoming an issue. Matt decides to sell his Grandfather’s cabin and 70 acres in Lake Placid in the the Adirondacks. They have a two week vacation set there to get things ready and put it on the market.

Elise is late getting back to town from her latest competition so meets Matt and Gracie there. There’s lot of memories and there’s also Cass next door who is Matt’s ex-girlfriend. There’s also a lot going on in their lives. Matt has been offered a partnership in his law firm (which comes with a hefty price and working more hours). Elise has found out she has made the Pan Am games and needs to leave in a few days (she was suppose to stay two weeks). Matt also wants another baby. And then Gracie goes missing. She was suppose to be going to camp but never made it. Now everyone is out looking for her. The days go on and no sign of her.

Then Matt learns shocking things about his late Grandfather and it throws him for a loop. Also things with Elise are really strained with Gracie missing. Suddenly everything has changed for these three people and their lives may never be the same again.

A story of a marriage and just how much can it take with secrets, lack of communication and total honesty. The story itself has lots of twists and turns that keeps the reader engaged right up to the very end. A solid summer read.

You can pick up The Summer We Lost Her in stores on Tuesday, June 4th from Gallery Books.

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