Book Review: ‘The Summer We Buried: A Novel’ By Jody Gehrman

Tansy Elliot is a guidance counselor in Sonoma, California and leads a quiet life. And then Selene Rathbone comes back into her life after 20 years and demands a favor. They have a secret, hidden past and neither one wants it to come out or they could go to jail. Tansy wants nothing to do with her but blackmail goes a long way. Selene’s daughter is with a man who she thinks is abusing her and she’s not allowed to contact her. Selene wants Tansy to get close to her and find out what is going on (her daughter is a student at the school). Tansy is warned away by Selene’s brother (and they become involved as well), who teaches at the school but Tansy gets pulled into whatever Selene is really up to. It all leads to a climatic showdown. A great psychological thriller that keeps the tension high throughout the novel. Fans of this genre will be happy.

You can pick up The Summer We Buried in stores on Tuesday, March 8th from Crooked Lane.

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