Book Review: ‘The Summer Place: A Novel’ By Jennifer Weiner

There’s nothing better than starting the spring/summer season off than a new novel from Jennifer Weiner. Her new book is a very character driven story, with lots of twists and turns, that you just want to keep reading until the very end. This book is sooooooo good. Ruby and Gabe are getting married and plan to do it at her Grandmother’s house on Cape Cod. It’s going to be a small event with just family and a few friends. As we meet the members of the family we suddenly learn that everyone has some sort of secret or crisis going on. Each chapter is told about one character and we learn about their lives and what they are hiding/worried about. And there are some major reveals about this family and these characters and a shocking thing happens right before the wedding. Everything is well-written and everything adds up by the time the novel is over. I great book to kick off the warm weather season.

You can pick up The Summer Place in stores on Tuesday, May 10th from Atria.

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