Book Review: ‘The Stranger Inside: A Novel’ By Laura Benedict

So you go away for a weekend and then come home to your house. You insert the key and it doesn’t work. What the hell? You look up and you see lights going on and off. You see what looks like a strange man in the window. You call the police and tell them. The police arrive and question the man. You call your lawyer who is your ex-boyfriend you dumped. The police question the man and he has a six month signed lease by you. It looks like your signature and claims you renter it to him. On the surface it looks like you are out of your house.

This has happened to Kimber Hannon and now she can’t get any of her stuff or live in her house. She goes to stay with friends and is filing legal action against the man. She and her ex-husband start to investigate this man and what they find is shocking. Kimber also has a secret and someone knows and is leaving messages about it. It leads to more shocking reveals and a final deadly showdown.

Author Laura Benedict has written a stellar book that starts off strong and then goes full tilt right to the climatic ending. With lots of twists and turns along the way it brings the reader to the edge up to the final shocking reveal. It’s a page-turner you can’t put down.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, February 5th from Little Brown and Company.

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