Book Review: ‘The Stranger Behind You: A Novel’ By Carol Goodman

Two women’s lives are on a collison course when a reporter writes an article exposing the rich owner of the a newspaper in New York of sexual assualter and in the process it destroys his family. Joan Lune has been working on the story for three years about Casper Osgood and it finally prints to big acclaim. She even is up for a rich book deal. For Melissa Osgood this is an embarassment for her and her family. Then Casper is found dead and she has to move on and finds out he has spent most of their money.

When Joan is assualted the night of the article being released she decides to move to the Refuge, a high security apartment which was once a Magdalen Laundry. She meets her fasicinating neighbor Lillian, who is 96 years old and has lived in the building most of her life. She’s working on her book and about Casper and trying to chase down more leads. Unknown to her is Melissa has moved in to the apartment below her and is working on revenge against Joan. There lives intersect in a dangerous way and shocking twists take place that you don’t see coming.

A solid thriller with well-time twists and turns to keep you engaged as you’re reading along. A good mid-summer mystery.

You can pick up The Stranger Behind You in stores on Tuesday, July 6th from William Morrow Paperbacks.

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