Book Review: ‘The Stowaway: A Novel’ By James S. Murray And Darren Wearmouth

I love the authors previous triology series Awakened and looked forward to this new mystery. It started off strong with a murder trial for Wyatt Butler, an alleged serial killer of children, based on a lot of circumstantial evidence. We are in the jury room with Maria Fontana, who the book is based around, when a final vote is taking place. The jury has been hung for weeks now, with one juror voting he is innocent. This will be the final vote before a hung jury is declared as Maria is the lone juror to vote he is innocent. The days and weeks follow and the jurors names have somehow been found out and they’re being harrassed and threatened over the vote, until everyone finds out who voted to acquit. Maria steps up to say it was her to put an end to it once and for all. She is given a leave at her work and decides to take her two kids and boyfriend Steve on a cruise to get away. Maria thinks she sees Butler on the cruise but isn’t sure. Then murderous things start to happen, the exact way Butler did things. Maria starts to investigate and then the worst of things happen and now Maria must play a game of cat and mouse to save her children from whoever this person is. There’s some twists and turns at the endof the book that somewhat save it but the book plays out along obvious lines and is kind of a letdown after all is said and done.

You can pick up The Stowaway now in stores from St. Martin’s Press.

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