Book Review: ‘The Starter Wife’ Is A Twisty Thrilling Novel

A great psychological thriller is on tap for the readers of The Starter Wife. The story starts off strong and never lets up leading to it’s ultimate climatic reveal with lots of twists and turns along the way. You think maybe it’s going one way and then it goes another. Great characters and story that keeps the reader engaged.

Byron was married to Colleen until she died under mysterious circumstances. He was a suspect at first but it was ruled a suicide. Now years later he is married to Claire. Things are not all that great between them. She wants a baby and has been unable to get pregnant and Byron doesn’t seem to be in a rush. Medical procedures are expense and they don’t have the money. Claire is also acting strangely. She’s drinking a lot and thinks Byron is cheating on her. She has been investigating him in regards to Colleen’s death. She has also been doing a lot of shady things as well.

Throughout the story someone is writing about a plan to take care of Claire (or so we assume) and details what they are going to do which adds mystery to the plot.

Soon the story takes a twisted turn and everything we thought may not be as is seemed and the tables may just be turned, leading up to the shocking reveal of what has really been happening the last few years and who has done what to who.

You can pick up The Starter Wife in stores on Tuesday, June 11th from Grand Central Publishing.

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