Book Review: ‘The Southern Side Of Paradise’ Is The Next Heartwarming Peachtree Bluff Story

Kristy Woodson Harveyis back with her third novel in her Peachtree Bluff series. Set in Peachtree Bluff the story centers around Ansley Murphy and her three daughters Emerson, Caroline and Sloane. This story centers more on Ansley and her rekindling of her romance with the love of her live Jack (who happens to be the biological father of her two oldest daughters) they just don’t know but suspect. Jack wants to marry Ansley finally and live the rest of their lives together. But Jack also has a secret he’s keeping.

Emerson is an actress who lives primary in LA. She’s been in town filming her new movie. She reconnects with her ex Mark and they decide to get married. But they have issues. He wants her to stay here and basically give up acting. She wants to keep her career and have them both visit each other when she’s working. They seem to smooth it over and then fight about it again. Then there is his mother who comes back to town and she’s a piece of work. Then there is Kyle who has been in love with Emerson for years. And on top of that Emerson has a secret and a potential medical issue.

How everything shakes out by the end is the question. With so many secrets to be revealed and issues between Emerson and Mark how will it end up? Who will get their happy ever after?

The story at its core is about family and relationships. It’s a heart-warming story about a family that truly loves each other and have to overcome their secrets and issues to move forward. The characters are well-written and it’s a good continuing story. Here’s to more adventures in Peachtree.

You can pick up The Southern Side Of Paradise in stores from Gallery Books on Tuesday, May 7th.

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