Book Review: ‘The Soulmate Equation: A Novel’ By Christina Lauren

Author Christina Lauren writes the best novels and her newest one is really good as well. A rom-com that features two characters that don’t like each other at first and then it follows the normal pattern of this genre and is a fun romantic novel to read. Jess Davis at age 29 is a single mom and has been on a few dates the last few years that have gone nowhere. When she and her friend Fizzy run into River Peña, who is the owner of a new dating site that bases matches on DND, they’re invited to join as beta testers. Jess does not like River from the start and he doesn’t much like her. Both ladies decide to do it and when Jess gets her results she’s gets a record number 98 and finds a match with….River. She has no real interest in him but they offer her $30,000 over three months to ‘date’ him and be seen around and do interviews with him. It’s a no strings deal. Of course the more time they spend together they figure out there’s something between them. And this being a true rom-com they fall in love only to have something happen that will test their relationship and if they can be together.

This is a great novel to get and have for Memorial Day weekend reading! You can pick up The Soulmate Equation in stores on Tuesday, May 18th from Gallery Books.

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