Book Review: ‘The Silent Treatment’ By Abbie Greaves

Frank and Maggie have been married for forty years. They have one daughter Eleanor who was born later in their marriage. They didn’t think they could have kids. Everything was fine until Eleanor got out of control as a teenager and had issues ever since.

For the last six months Frank and Maggie haven’t said a word to each other. They shared the house, dinner and their bed. Maggie has no idea what stopped Frank from talking to her. Then Frank finds Maggie slumped over in the kitchen. She’s taken an overdose of sleeping pills. She’s rushed to the hospital and it doesn’t look good, she’s put in a medically induced coma.

Frank talks to her about their live together. He has something to tell her and it is big. We learn about how they met and how things went throughout their relationship. As he’s about to tell her his secret, things take a turn.

Then the novel changes to Maggie and Frank finds letters she has written starting days before she took the pills. She has confessions of her own and Frank is shocked by what he reads. If only they both had talked to each other they wouldn’t be in this situation now. Can Maggie pull thru and can they get back what they had? And what are their secrets?

This is the debut novel form author Abbie Greaves and it’s a good one. It’s all about communication and Abbie does a good job showing how that is crucial between two people. You root for the characters to hopefully work things out as you wait for their secrets to be revealed. More novels like this from Abbie will make her someone to watch in the future.

You can pick up The Silent Treatment in stores on Tuesday, April 7th from Morrow.

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