Book Review: ‘The Shore: A Novel’ By Katie Runde

The debut novel of Katie Runde is a heart-warming, sad tale of a family pushed to the edge by a medical tragedy. It’s a well-written, character driven novel, that will hit close to home for anyone that has suffered with this illness. Brian and Margot have lived in Seaside, NJ for years and have raised their two teenage daughters there. They have a business renting homes to tourists that come to town. Brian has a brain tumor and has been going steadily downhill for months. It’s up to Margot, Liz (who is 17) and works at an umbrella stand and Evy (16 who works at a sweets store) to look after Brian and it’s not easy. As the days and weeks go on, each has to deal with Brian and their lives moving forward in different ways and it’s not easy, as each has made decisions and not easy ones. We follow them along on this journey and learn about Seaside (and Jersey Shore Seaside) with vivid descriptions. At it’s core it’s about family and moving forward. A good first novel from Katie.

You can pick up The Shore in stores on Tuesday, May 24th from Scribner.

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