Book Review: ‘The Shape Of Night’ Is A Ghostly Intense Thriller

Let me state this first thing…I Love This Book! It is a thrilling story that starts off strong and never lets up. You get engaged in the story and I for one couldn’t put it down until I finished it. This is a real page-turning story. And with the magical, mystical, Gothic theme of the story, there’s a lot to get invested in.

New Year’s Eve something happens to writer Ava Collette that makes her flee Boston for a remote village in Maine, where she rents an old house called Brodie’s Watch. Built over 150 years ago by Captain Jeremiah Brodie, a sea-captain in his day. The house is being rented for a low price and there’s construction work being done on the house. The last resident left suddenly and it became available. Ava thinks this will be a great place to finish her long overdue cookbook.

When Ava arrives and sees the house she has second thoughts. Once she gets inside and sees it the house seems to accept her. Being an old house she sees and senses weird things. An then a ghost appears to her one night and welcomes her. It’s Captain Brodie, who feels like a real, life person. He says he will be back and he knows what Ava has done. He returns again and something happens with Ava she never expected.

Soon Ava becomes overwhelmed by the house and starts investigating the history of the house. And what she learns is shocking about the women and some men that have stayed in the house. It leads her to flee the house and seek comfort in the local doctor she has been spending time with. She then learns something about her that leads her back to the house and possibly her death.

The question she has to ask herself is the ghost live or did she just dream it and can she get away alive like other women who didn’t.

In stores on Tuesday, October 1st from Ballantine.

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