Book Review: ‘The Seven Year Slip: A Novel’ By Ashley Poston

Clementine works as a publicist for a book company in New York, and is really good at her job. She’s not good with a romantic life, so works a lot of hours. She lost her Aunt, who she was really close to, six months ago, and inherited her apartment, which is magical, or so she’s been told. Now living there, she hasn’t seen any magic yet, until she walks in and finds a hot man there named Iwan, who can really cook, who claims he rented it for the summer from her aunt. Then she sees a calendar, and notices it’seven years ago. She decides to play along with it for now, knowing one of the rules is don’t fall in love in the apartment, They get close, but once you leave the place you never know what will happen. Sometimes he’s there, and other times he is not. Now in present day, her company is trying to sign the hottest chef in NY to a book deal, and it turns out to be Iwan, who remembers what happened seven years ago. What follows is a really fun, magical story, with some twists you don’t see coming, and the two of them figuring out if they are meant to be together. I read a lot of rom-coms, and this is one of the best ones yet, as it doesn’t follow the normal pattern for these types of books. Fans will be hooked on this one. A perfect beach read.

You can pick up The Seven Year Slip in stores on Tuesday, JUne 27th from Berkley.

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