Book Review: ‘The Secret Bridesmaid: A Novel’ By Katy Birchall

For Sophie Breeze she’s always a bridesmaid never a bride. But in her case it’s her job. Sophie is a professional wedding planner/personal assistant/bridesmaid for hire. She poses as a good friend of the bride and is there for any and all issues with the wedding and the bride. And because she does this so well it’s gotten the attention of Lady Victoria Swann, whose daughter Cordelia is getting married and who is a handful. Sophie takes the job and signs an NDA. And she now has to deal with Cordelia, who is more than a handful and is insulted and outraged at her mother hiring Sophie. She does everything she can to get Sophie fired/to quit. But Sophie is determined to do this job no matter what. And then’s there’s Tom, the brother of Cordelia, who is hot and has an interest in Sophie. She soon breaks through to Cordelia and they become friends. But like all rom-coms something happens and Sophie is to blame and her secret is out with the family and Tom. But Sophie is not a quiter and is determined to make things right with the family.

I love rom-coms and this is one of the better ones I have read this year. The character of Sophie and her job is great and works really well here in this story. Author Katy Birchall includes other weddings and how Sophie works as part of the story and it enhances the story and flushes out her character. For fans of this genre it’s a must read.

You can pick up The Secret Bridesmaid in stores on Tuesday, May 4th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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