Book Review: ‘The Scorpion’s Tail: A Nora Kelly Novel’ By Preston & Child

There’s no better way to start off the new year than a new Preston & Child novel. They never disappoint and their novels are thrill rides from the very beginning with great characters and action. Book two of the Nora Kelly series is a great follow-up to the debut novel last year.

Nora Kelly, an archaeologist and rookie FBI agent Corrie Swanson team up once again to try and solve the decades old murder of a man found in an old western ghost town, outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Corrie is put in charge of what seems like a nothing case but turns out to be a comlicated mystery that goes back to the time of the 16th century Spanish empire, an ancient treasure and Geronimo himself. Once they start digging into the case it turns out to involve a conspiracy by someone close to them, with betrayals and twists that might be the end of Nora and Corrie. We also get a cameo form Agent Pendergast, who has his own series of books you should check out.

You can pick up The Scorpion’s Tale in stores on Tuesday, January 12th from Grand Central.

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