Book Review: ‘The Saboteurs’ Is The Best Isaac Bell Novel Yet By Clive Cussler And Jack Du Brul

The new Isaac Bell kicks major ass. It’s a thrilling ride from beginning to end and you won’t want to put it down. Authro Jack Du Brul has done an amazing job continuing the series after the passing of Clive Cussler (and I am not sure if Clive helped write this one or not before his death). The series is in great hands going forward.

There’s an attempt on the life of a U.S. Senator and Isaac Bell happens to be in the room and he saves him and goes after the people that tried to kill him. It leads to finding out there’s a plot to blow up the Panama Canal, which is almost done being built. So Isaac flies there with his wife, who insists on going, even though they both know it will be dangerous. Once there Isaac is on the case but there’s attempts on his life, a daring chase that makes Isaac lose his memory for a short time. His wife is also kidnapped and you don’t mess with Isaac’s wife and think you can get away with it. Isaac pulls out all the stops and learns he’s been betrayed by someone close to him. That doesn’t stop him and because he’s the man Isaac Bell will find his wife or die trying.

You can pick up The Saboteurs in stores on Tuesday, May 25th from Putnam.

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