Book Review: ‘The Russian’ Is A Thrilling Beginning To A New Series With A Great New Character In Rob Tacoma

Best selling author Ben Coes, known for his Dewey Andreas book series, is back with the first novel in a new series. And it is BAD-ASS! The Russian features a great new character in Rob Tacoma, someone you do not want to mess with. He’s a former Navy Seal and CIA agent that is on a one-man journey to avenge the deaths of a fellow Seal, a US Senator and Governor.

The US Government has all but taken care of the Italian mafia in the country. Now the Russian Mafia is rearing its ugly head. They have killed a US Senator and the Governor of Florida who is running for President and has a good chance of winning. He’s running as part of his platform how he has cleaned up the Russian Mafia in Florida. After the deaths of the two the President decides enough is enough and he wants the CIA to get the person(s) responsible for these actions. He uses a secret amendment that allows missions on US soil.

Billy Crosgrove is called to be one of the guys. The other Rob Tacoma who at first does not want any part of it. When he goes to meet Billy he finds him dead and the assassins still in the house. Rob takes out of them, the other a woman gets away. Someone has betrayed the Government. Now Rob is pissed off and ready to take down these people. He’s on a one man mission, with back-up from a super hacker, he’s heading to Florida, where they have tracked down the woman. But the mob is one step ahead and Rob has his work cut out for him being followed and tracked along the way. But this Rob Tacoma and he is a one-man wrecking crew.

Soon he finds himself in over his head but this being Rob he is determined to find a way out of his sticky situation. It leads to a climatic showdown in which lives will be lost.

This is just a fantastic book that is all action from the beginning. It starts off strong and never lets up. Everything an action book should be and more. Author Ben Coes has another hit series on his hands. I personally cannot wait for some more Rob Tacoma.

You can pick up The Russian in stores on Tuesday, July 30 from St. Martin’s Press.

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