Book Review: ‘The Royal Governess: A Novel Of Queen Elizabeth’s II Childhood’ By Wendy Holden

I love Historical Fiction novels and The Royal Highness by Wendy Holden it GREAT. It tells the story of the future Queen of England Elizabeth and her sister’s childhoods with their nanny Marion Crawford, a lady that will be forever shunned by the Royal Family.

In 1933 Marion Crawford was offered the job of nanny to the future Queen and her sister. She was hesitant to take the job but finally did. She just wanted to make sure the girls had some normal life. Slowly they did. One of Elizabeth’s favorite thing to do was go to Woolworth’s and ride the tube. She was with the girls for many years and saw them grow into the young women they became and live through some historic moments with the family and the world.

From WWII, Hitler and Elizabeth meeting Phillip it’s all here and more. But Marion did something unforgiving to the family and was forgotten about from that day forward.

Great stories with insights into the family from a young age this is a must read for anyone into the Royal family and the early days of future Queen.

You can pick up The Royal Governess in stores on Tuesday, August 25th from Berkley.

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