Book Review: ‘The Romantic Agenda: A Novel’ By Claire Kann

Four people go away for a weekend and it turns out to be a lot more complicated than anyone would have thought. Lets look at the players…Joy and Malcolm, who have been best friends for years and Joy works for him. She’s also been in love with him since the first time she met him. Then there’s Summer, the latest woman that Malcolm has fallen for and her ex-boyfriend Fox, who Summer invites to come along to keep Joy company and see if anything happens between them. Joy doesn’t think Summer and Malcolm should be together nor does Fox, who can see how Joy feels. He proposes that they pretend to fall for each other to make Malcolm jealous. But they grow close and Joy, who is asexual, starts feeling things for Fox, more than she ever imagined. But the weekend doesn’t end the way everyone would think it would and all four have a lot to think about going forward. A different kind of story involving love, sexuality and being honest. It will make you think.

You can pick up The Romantic Agenda in stores Tuesday, April 12th from Berkley.

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