Book Review: ‘The Return’ Is A Thrilling Debut Novel By Rachel Harrison

Four friends Julie, Elise, Mae and Molly reunite at a hotel in upstate New York after many years apart. Especially after Julie was missing and presumed dead for two years. She vanished and there was never any trace of her. The only one that didn’t think she was dead was Elise. A memorial service was held for her and everyone’s lives went on.

Then two years after she went missing she showed back up with no memory of where she had been. A few months later this is when the girls get together for a girls/friends weekend. But one site of Julie and things don’t seem right. She’s really skinny, has bad teeth, an odor to her and she’s now eating meat after being a vegetarian since she was a kid.

The girls try to leave her alone about what happened to her and how she looks now. They all just want to have a fund weekend. But things in this hotel are a bit creepy, especially for Elise. Weird things seem to be happening in her room. Then she learns more disturbing news about Julie from Julie’s husband Tristan.

Things get more and more tense and then all hell breaks loose in the hotel as we learn about what really happened to Julie and some people may not survive.

A chilling debut novel about four friends and the affects of one of them missing has on them. The mystery of what happened to Julie builds throughout the story, leading to a climatic reveal. A well done debut novel.

You can pick up The Return in stores on Tuesday, March 24th from Berkley.

  1. March 7, 2020
  2. March 7, 2020

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