Book Review: ‘The Regrets’ Is A Delightful Debut Novel

Thomas Barrett has died and on his way to heaven. An angel tries to have sex with him on the way but it doesn’t work out. Then he is called to the office and told there has been an ‘institutional error’ and he’s being returned to earth for 3 months in a body similar to his own, while they try to sort out the issue. He’s also given a list of things he must do and follow. The list includes a daily rundown of what he does. Avoiding people from his previous life, no sex and other mundane things because he will get regrets.

Then one day he meets Rachel a librarian at a coffee shop. Rachel likes Thomas as well and then they become involved, which is breaking the rules. But the time is running out for Thomas. He feels his body winding down as it gets closer to returning to the land of the dead. They have to make due with the time they have left.

A very unique rom-com from author Amy Bonnaffons and it works on so many levels. You root for Thomas and Rachel and hope upon hope somehow they can stay together. There are funny moments along the way but at it’s core an unusual love story. Here’s to more novels form Amy.

You can pick up The Regrets in stores on Tuesday, February 4th form Little Brown.

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