Book Review: ‘The Rain Watcher: A Novel’ Is An Interesting Look At One Families Past And Present

A family gathering in Paris for Linden Malegarde, his sister Tilia, his mom Lauren and Dad Paul turns into anything but a happy reunion. It’s Paul’s 70th birthday and their parents anniversary. It should be a happy time. Should be the operative phrase. It was a family only event so Linden’s future husband wasn’t invited not was Tilia’s alcoholic husband. The next omen was as soon as Linden arrived it turned out Paris was under a potential flash flood watch as it’s been raining for days and the water levels have risen.

When everyone arrives it seems to be going okay. Linden notices his dad doesn’t look so good. Soon he has a massive stroke and is in the hospital. His mother comes down with pneumonia and Linden and Tilia have to deal with this and also with the past. Secrets and stories from when they were growing up bubble to the surface and a shocking secret involving their mother comes out and something form Linden’s childhood. On top of that the weather is getting worse and Paul and the hospital have to be evacuated to higher ground. It all leads to a stunning climax and none of their lives will be the same.

This is author Tatiana de Rosnay’s first book in four years and it’s quite the story. It will leave you emotionally exhausted with all it’s twists and turns. At the core it’s about family and these four people who all have their demons but after this time in Paris will hopefully be able to move forward when they confront their pasts.

The Rain Watcher is available in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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