Book Review: ‘The Princess Of 42nd Street: A Memoir’ Is A Sorted Tale Of Sex And Drugs’

Romola Hodas has had quite the life. Her father Marty was known as Times Square King Of Porn. What started as a business with jukeboxes, cigarette machines and other machines made him good money and put him at odds with the mob. When he branched out to peep show machines in the sex shops, his business went through the roof and so did the money and more issues with the mob. Soon it was live sex shows and he was the king of porn.

His oldest daughter Romola was there for all of it. He was a good father up to a certain age and then things changed. He became abusive to her (calling her fat) and just downright cruel. She had her ups and downs with him. She went to fat camp to try and lose weight. She also had to try and look after her younger brothers and sisters. Her mom was bi-polar and had psychological issues and wasn’t the best parent.

There were often times where there were parties at the house of drugs, alcohol, strippers and orgies going on. And she had to witness all this, while trying to shield her siblings from all of it. Soon she started to rebel and there were drugs and sex for her. She had to witness her father being arrested and tried for various crimes. Her brother being kidnapped and an attempted kidnapping of herself. All things a child shouldn’t have to go through.

She survived and tells great stories throughout the book about her father, his business and her life and how she survived it all. It wasn’t easy and there was pain and suffering along the way. It’s Romola’s story and what a story it is.

You can pick up the book in stores now.

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