Book Review: ‘The Photographer: A Novel’ By Mary Dixie Carter

The debut novel from author Mary Dixie Carter is a thrilling story of obsession and want for one woman. Delta Dawn is a photographer in Brooklyn who does mostly kids parties and her pictures are always great looking. She doesn’t have a lot of friends or family except a cat. She tends to try and get close to her clients and her clients are in for it when she gets into their lives. She’s hired to photograph 11 year-old Natalie Straub at her birthday party. She starts talking to her parents Fritz and Amelia and before you know it she’s babysitting for Natalie and has become friends with the family. She even tells them she’s divorced and has a 5 year-old son, who lives in California with his father (there are lies). She soon learns the parents want another child but can’t conceive, so she worms her way into being a surrogate and moving in below them. But her actions get out of hand and soon it leads to a shocking conclusion.

With solid twists and turns, the reader is taken on a ride that never lets up. It leads to a shocking reveal right at the end. She is someone to watch in the future.

You can pick up The Photographer in stores on Tuesday, May 25th from Minotaur Books.

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