Book Review: ‘The Perfect Plan’ Is Great Psychological Thriller Of Two Brothers Trying To Outwit The Other

If you are looking for a great summer psychological suspense thriller to read go no further. The Perfect Plan is that and more. A twisty story of two brothers who are trying to outdo the other in a battle of wits. The story starts off fast and never lets up right up to the climatic finale. You won’t want to put the book down.

The story is about Liam Brennan and his older brother Drew. They grew up with a horrible, dominating father and a mother that died of alcoholism which could have possibly been avoided. Drew was suppose to protect Liam but use mind games over him and was just a junior version of his father.

Now years later Drew is running for in the Governor’s race and uses Liam as his muscle. Liam has stalking a young woman that works for Drew’s campaign and one morning he kidnaps her. He has a whole plan in place for her. But with all great plans things don’t go right. Now Liam has to stay one step ahead of the police and his brother. But is this Liam’s plan and is there a more master plan going on here? It’s a muti-leveled [;a that involves multiple phases and betrayals.

The story also flashes back to the childhood of Liam and Drew and what they had to go through and how they got to this place in their lives.

Author Bryan Reardon has taken the reader on a wild read and this is one of the books of the summer. You can pick up The Perfect Plan in stores on Tuesday, June 18 from Dutton.

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