Book Review: ‘The Perfect Daughter’ Is The Next Thrilling D.J. Palmer Novel

Author D.J. Palmer (Saving Meghan and The New Husband) is back with his third novel The Perfect Daughter. And he’s fast becoming one of my favorite authors. His first two books were great and he continues the trend with his new novel. He has mastered the genre and his new book is a thrill-ride with a shocking ending you don’t see coming.

When the police arrive at Grace’s house and tell her that her 16 year old daughter Penny is at the police station and being held for the murder of her biological mother Rachel, she’s shocked. She didn’t think Penny had been in any type of contact with her since she was abandoned at six years old. That’s when Grace and her late husband took her in and soon adopted her. And they learned that Penny suffered from DID and had 3 different personalities. When she sees Penny at the police station she’s covered in the blood of Rachel. There doesn’t seem to be any question that Grace did it. And Penny doesn’t remember nor does her dominant alter Eve, who is in charge most of the time. Grace is hoping for guilty by reason of insanity. But this case doesn’t seem to be cut and dry. After little things Penny and her alters say, it looks like Penny may be innocent. Grace investigates every thing she can and the case goes to trial. And what a trial it is. It has a shocking climax you won’t see coming.

You can pick up The Perfect Daughter in stores on Tuesday, April 20th from St. Martin’s Press.

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