Book Review: ‘The Peacock Feast: A Novel’ Is A Heartwarming Story About Family And The Past

A 101 year old woman name Prudence O’Connor gets a shock when a woman named Grace (her late brothers Granddaughter) calls and says she is her Grand-Niece and would like to stop by. Prudence had no idea about her. They meet and soon learn all about each other and their lives, which goes all the way back to 1916 and Louis C. Tiffany blowing up his mansion on Oyster Bay. He wants to keep the beach to himself.

Prudence lived their with her family who were employed by Tiffany. They ended up moving to their other mansion in the city. We learn about Prudence’s life and everything that led to the present day. Grace brings a box of mementos that were Randall’s and it brings back all sorts of memories. Grace relives her live as well and we see how she came to be and what happened to Randall and how her life was lived.

The two of them share stories and memories and some shocking news about the people from their past that neither one knew about. Most of the family story neither one knew about the other and it bonds them as family. It’s a heartwarming story of generations of family that neither knew about. The story goes back over 100 years and takes you to San Francisco, New York, Europe and Texas. And be sure to have some kleenex handy as you will need them as your read the story.

You can pick up The Peacock Feast in stores on Tuesday, February 5th from FSG.

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