Book Review: ‘The Pandora Room’ Is The Next Thrilling Ben Walker Novel

Christopher Golden is back with his follow up to his thrilling Ben Walker book Ararat from two years ago. This book follows a similar format when an ancient city is discovered and a mysterious plague is somehow released and everyone has to fight for their lives. It’s another thrill ride of a story where you don’t know who will live or die and what the cause of everyone getting sick and going crazy is. Ben Walker is a fascinating character and hopefully there will be more stories with him.

A dig is going on in Northern Iraq near the Turkish border and where the Kurds live. Led by Sophie Durand it is starting to wind down. They haven’t found a lot of interest until now. A secret underground room is found with mysterious ancient writings. A single jar is found in the room. It’s believe to be the mythical Pandora’s Box, which in reality is a jar not a box. It could be one of the two jars that according to history existed. One was for blessings and one for evils. No on is sure which one this could be if it even is one of them.

Ben Walker and experts in contamination and potential plagues are called to the scene for fear of what it could contain. The UN becomes involved as well as different countries may try to claim it. Attacks on the site are on the rise as word gets out about it. And people start to become sick by it. No one knows why but it affects different people in different ways especially after the jar becomes cracked.

Now is when the fun begins. People are getting sicker, fights and betrayals are taking place and it’s a race against time to get this jar out before the bad guys show up with their guns killing everyone in an attempt to destroy the jar. Ben Walker because of his secret job working for the US Government has a major decision to make that could cost him everything.

This is the second great mythical novel from Author Christopher Golden and I for one can’t wait to see what future mysthical stories he comes up with.

You can pick up The Pandora Room in stores on Tuesday, April 23 from St. Martin’s Press.

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