Book Review: ‘The Outsider: A Novel’ Is The Next Exciting Stephen King Thriller

Stephen King is back with his newest thriller The Outsider, another classic story that only Stephen could write. It takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster of a rider. You will not want to put the book down until you get to the climatic finale.

A young boy is brutally murdered and assualted in Flint City, Oklahoma. All the evidence points to beloved teacher and sports coach Terry Maitland. Detective Ralph Anderson had done numerous interviews with locals who can place Terry in town and at the scene of the murder. His fingerprints are also found and confirmed as well. The police decide to arrest him during the bottom of the ninth inning of a big playoff game right in the stadium in front of friends and family. Terry swears he is innocent and can prove it. He was out of town at a convention and three other people can vouch for him as well as footage from the convention. How could he be in two places at once is the question?

Could the police have been wrong? Meanwhile a case in Dayton, Ohio which is similar to Terry’s case is soon uncovered and it seems there is a connection. When someone from the past is brought in to investigate, things become more clear and who is responsible for the murders is so far fetched, it just might be true. Now the race is on to find the killer before it’s too late and more lives are lost.

Because there are twists and turns and this is a Stephen King novel it’s hard to say much more about the plot. Just know if you are a fan of Stephen King you won’t be disappointed!

You can pick up The Outsider in stores on Tuesday, May 22, from Scribner.

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