Book Review: ‘The Other Me: A Paperback Novel’ By Sarah Zachrich Jeng

The debut novel from author Sarah Zachrich Jeng is a solid novel, with a clever plot that ropes the reader in and puts on a ride wonderng what’s going on and what’s real. It’s Kelly Holter’s 29th birthday and she’s at the art show of her best friend in Chicago. It’s a bit much for her and she heads to the bathroom and when she enters a stall she is suddenly in a different time and a different live. She remembers where she was and she knows this life as well. In this world she’s at her 29th birthday and she’s married to Eric, someone she knew 17 years ago in High School. Kelly is freaked out about this and wonders what has happened. Is she going crazy? She kind of likes this life but wants the life she knows. She starts to investigate what has happened and she soon learns shocking truths about what really has happened and what she needs to do to fix this.

You can pick up The Other Me paperback in stores on Tuesday, August 2nd from Berkley.

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