Book Review: ‘The Order: A Gabriel Allon Novel’ By Daniel Silva

Best-selling author Daniel Silva is back with book number 20 in his Gabriel Allon series. This is my first time reading one of them and it was great and I only wish I had time to go back and read the other 19. The character of Gabriel is really well-written and the story is a thrilling adventure, right up to the shocking election of a new Pope.

Gabriel Allon’s wife Chiara wants a vacation with her husband and two kids. They go to Venice for a two-week stay. Then he sees the news that the Pope has died suddenly. Gabriel is summoned to Rome by the Pope’s private secretary and old friend Archbishop Luigi Donati. He thinks the Pope was murdered and wants to prove it. He needs Gabriel’s help.

This sends them on a journey when they get clues as to watch really happened that night. Seems the Pope uncovered something in the Vatican Secret Archives, something that could put the church in a bad light. Along the way they uncover a conspiracy to take over the church and get a new Pope elected and to change the views of the church. A conspiracy that goes back centuries and with the conclave about to begin, they have to race against time to get the answers they need before it’s too late for the church.

You can pick up The Order in stores on Tuesday, July 14th from Harper Collins.

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