Book Review: ‘The Night Window’ Is The Thrilling Conclusion To The Jane Hawk Series

Dean Koontz is back with the final novel in his Jane Hawk series. It’s an exciting thrill ride right up to the end as Jane tries to take down the the Arcadians once and for all and this will be her final stand. Live or die she will do what she has to do. She has a surprising ally in Vikram, the super hacker who use to work for the government. He wants to help her in her quest. She’s suspicious at first but without him she may not be able to accomplish her goal.

Once again she must stay off the radar and avoid those that want to take her out for good. She comes up with a dangerous plan that will lead to a final showdown. If it succeeds it will be the end of the Arcadians and their leaders and end this long nightmare (and six novels).

This review is a bit short on details to avoid spoilers but a lot happens and Jane once again shows why she is kick-ass. Put her right up there with James Bond, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher and she holds her own. She might even be able to take them down.

Author Dean Koontz did a great job with these novels and all good things must come to an end and it will be sad to see Jane go but it was time. Looking forward to see what Dean comes up with next.

You can pick up The Night Window in stores now from Bantam. A suggestion go and start from the beginning and enjoy the ride!

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