Book Review: ‘The Next To Die: A Novel’ Asks The Question Who Is Billy Dead Mates?

Sophie Hannah is back with her next psychological thriller The Next To Die, from William Morrow and in stores on Tuesday, February 19th. It is based in England and asks the question who is killing best friends?

Someone is targeting best friends and killing them. The killer has been dubbed Billy Dead Mates (the police are not sure if it’s a man or woman) but this name has been used for the killer. It’s been going on for months with no breaks in the case. The only thing they have found at each killing is a small white book with a passage in each of them.

Kim Tribbeck is a stand-comedian and after reading about Billy realizes that she was left one of those little white books at one of her shows a year or so ago. She can’t understand why she got one as she really has no friends or a best friend. When a book is found at the death of a family member in the hospital it makes even less sense. She is working with the police to try and remember and figure out who might have left the little book.

They start to put the pieces together when it involves Kim’s personal life, an online blogger who has been communicating with the alleged killer and then a startling confession.

Author Sophie Hannah has written a suspenseful story with great characters, a mysterious plot and twists and turns you won’t see coming right up to the very end.

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