Book Review: ‘The New Neighbors’ Asks Who Killed The Man Outside Their House

This is author Simor Lelic’s first thriller and his fourth novel. A psychological thriller with twists and turns and the whole story is told from Jack and Syd’s points of views. The recap the whole story so they can figure out what has happened since they got the house. They also respond to what each has written in previous chapters. A different approach to the story here works.

Jack and Syd find their dream house in London but never think they will get it. A lot of people are looking at the house. It’s for sale with everything in there. And there’s a lot of stuff in the house. The owner just wants the house and his possessions gone. When Jack makes a discovery in the attic it could forever change their lives.

Syd has become close with the young girl next store as she is going through things that Syd did during her childhood. Soon she and Jack start to become distant and not being honest with each other about certain things. When a man is found dead outside their back door, it leads them down a path they may not be able to come back from and a stunning finale as to who is responsible for the murder.

You can pick up The New Neighbors in stores from Berkley on Tuesday, April 10th.

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