Book Review: ‘The New Husband’ Is A Good Follow-Up To Saving Meghan From Author D.J. Palmer

Author D.J. Palmer wrote a great book earlier this year titled Saving Meghan. Now he’s back with his next novel titled The New Husband.

Nina Garrity gets a visit from the police that her husband Glen is missing when his boat is found on the lake with only the family dog Daisy aboard. There’s also blood but no sign of the body. A search is made but it’s never found. He’s presumed dead. This devastates Nina and her teenage kids Connor and Maggie. Then she finds out he had an affair and lost his job two years ago. She has to question if she ever knew the man.

Now a couple of years later she’s with Simon and in love. They buy a house together and all move in. She would have had to move back in with her parents if she didn’t move in with Simon. She will be declared a widow in a few months under New Hampshire law. Simon wants to get married but she keeps putting him off. Her son Connor likes Simon but Maggie does not. After moving in together Simon starts trying to control their lives. He does it in a way that is not very obvious except Maggie doesn’t but it or warm to Simon. He’s getting more and more controlling and Nina doesn’t see it. But little things start to add up and soon Maggie and then Nina start to notice things and Nina starts to investigate his past and comes to realize he may not be the man she thinks he is.

And for Simon he’s keeping a big secret as he sets whatever plans he has in motion. A secret so shocking that it can uproot the new life he’s trying to plan with Nina and the kids and to make them his new family. And Daisy the dog may end up being the key to it all.

A good follow-up to Saving Meghan. The story has twists and turns that keep the reader engaged as we follow Simon on his quest to get what he wants. And you really root for Maggie the daughter to uncover it all, as she is the one who has never liked Simon and knew something was off about him. A solid sophomore novel.

You can pick up The New Husband in stores on Tuesday, April 14th from St. Martin’s Press.

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