Book Review: ‘The Nesting: A Novel’ By C.J. Cooke

Lexi Ellis is at a crossroads in her life. She tried to commit suicide and it didn’t work. Her boyfriend has kicked her out. She really has no place to go and very little money. While on the train she overhears two women talking and one mentions a nanny job she thinking of applying for in Norway. It includes everything. Lexi is able to see her resume and get the contact info. She hears the woman say she will stay in England.

Lexi applies for the job as Sophie and manages to get it. It means moving to Norway to take care of two young children whose mother Aurelia died months ago. Her body was found in the water. A new home is being built on a remote area of land near a cliff. Once Lexi gets there mysterious things seem to take place and she’s told to stay away from the basement (where strange noises seem to come from). As the days and months go on Lexi starts learning things, finds an old diary of Aurelia’s left in her room and soon thinks maybe she was murdered.

It all leads to a shocking climax to the story and what has been going on and lives will be in jeopardy before it’s all said and done. The book drags in some places but ends up being a solid thriller.

You can pick up The Nesting in stores on Tuesday, September 29th from Berkley.

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