Book Review: ‘The Mountains Wild: A Novel’ By Sarah Stewart Taylor

A promising start to a new series from Author Sarah Stewart Taylor with The Mountains Wild. Set in Long Island and Dublin during dueling time lines with a great new character in homicide detective Maggie D’arcy. The setting in Dublin plays great in the novel and it enhances the story.

Maggie’s cousin Erin has been missing since 1993 and was last seen in Dublin, Ireland. The police searched but never found her body or a killer. The case just went cold. Now in 2016 a scarf that might have once belonged to her has shown up with a body, that may be Erin’s. Maggie flies over to Dublin to find out what’s going on. A great summer read.

It’s not Erin’s body and Maggie decides to investigate Erin’s final days. She is in contact with the local police (known as Guards) but is not officially working the case. The story shifts between Maggie’s time in Dublin in 1993 and her time now. She comes up with more questions than answers. She soon gets a break and figures out some things that are not pleasant and it leads to a shocking reveal as to what really happened to Erin.

You can pick up The Mountains Wild in stores on Tuesday, June 23rd from Minotaur Books.

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