Book Review: ‘The Mother Next Door: A Novel’ By Tara Laskowski

Theresa is the new mom in town and on the block of Ivy Woods Drive. Her husband is the new Principal at the High School and her daughter is attending it. There are four women on the block that run things and you don’t want to cross them. They’re called the Ivy Five (one moved away years ago but the nickname has stayed). They have secrets and the major one is what happened 13 years ago when a girl died off the bridge in the woods. No one is really sure what happened but there’s a rumor she haunts it. It’s almost time for the neighborhood Halloween party and someone is writing that the time is up for the women and leaving cryptic clues. Theresa meets the women and gets invited to hang with them. She soon learns that there’s some secret and she also has secrets of her own she’s keeping. As the party gets closer more cryptic things are happening and the ladies think it’s the fifth member that moved away years ago. The night of the party comes and secrets are out and what really happened all those years ago could bring the current five members lives down.

A story of secrets upon secrets highlights this new thriller from author Tara Laskiwski. It twists and turns in almost every chapter and these women will fight to keep their secrets no matter what. A perfect read just in time for the Halloween Holiday.

You can pick up The Mother Next Door in stores on Tuesday, October 12th from Graydon House.

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