Book Review: ‘The Most Likely Club: A Novel’ By Elyssa Friedland

The year is 1997 and four female friends, Suki, Melissa, Tara and Priya, are a close group and rule the school, or so they think. They’re all smart and each gets a most likely in the yearbook. They all have plans for their lives going forward and then 25 years later it’s time for their reunion and not everything has gone to plan for them. Only Suki has made something of her life. We follow each today and what their lives have become. They all look back at what they had wanted and where they are now, they make a pact now to move on with their lives and become happier. At it’s heart, is a story of friendship and a great character-written novel. A great end of Summer…almost fall read.

You can pick up The Most Likely Club in stores on Tuesday, September 6th from Berkley.

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