Book Review: ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In Cuba: A Novel’ By Chanel Cleeton

Chanel Cleeton has once again written a great historical fiction novel involving the country where her ancestors where from and the stories she heard from her family before they left. A strong story featuring three women and their determination to make things right. This time around she bases it on the real life story of Cuabn rebel Evangelina Cisernos and the real life publishing feud between Pulitzer and Hearst in New York City in 1896. Grace Harrington is an aspiring writer and approchaces Pulitzer about a job. He says he has a job for her…get hired by Hearst and report back to me. His paper regulary steals for Pulitzer and he’s tired of it. Meanwhile in Cuba Evangelina is in prison for refusing to get with a Spanish soldier. This gets the attention of Hearst and soon they join in the fight with their paper and Evangelina’s fate, with Grace leading the way. With the help of Marina Perez, Grace is able to communcate with Evangelina and make attempts to help her get free. The three women have big choices to make and how things will turn out.

You can pick up The Most Beautiful Girl In Cuba in stores on Tuesday, May 4th from Berkley.

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