Book Review: ‘The Moroccan Girl’ Is A Great Spy Novel

Best selling author Charles Cumming and now TV writer for The Night Manager second season is back with a new spy thriller set in London, Morocco and Marrakesh. The Moroccan Girl (in stores Tuesday, February 12th from St. Martin’s Press). It’s a thrilling story with twists and turns and a great main character, whose brought into a world he knows nothing about and falls in love with the woman that everyone is after. A page-turning story that leaves you wondering right to the very end.

British author Kit Carradine is at work on his latest novel. He’s out and about when he sees a woman kidnapped in the street. He later finds out its a reporter and she was targeted by Resurrection, which has been causing problems around the world, led by the Russians and recruiting people everywhere.

Kit is approached by a man on the street and asked to give him a call. He’s an agent with the Government and wants him to help out with an assignment since he’s on the way to Morocco. He wants him to help find a woman named Lara Bartok (part of Resurrection) who has gone off the radar. He thinks she might be at the literary convention he’s attending. First he needs to stop off in Marrakesh and drop off something. Kit is basically asked to be a spy for his country. But the best planning doesn’t work out like he thinks. He becomes suspicious of everyone he meets and things are not adding up.

Too many complications seem to be turning up and he’s not sure who he can trust and who works for who. He spots Lara and they get to talking and soon learns that her life and now his is in danger and they need a plan to get out of the country before it’s too late. It leads to shocking revelations and could cost Kit his life.

If you like great spy novels set in foreign countries that’s not predictable pick up the book on Tuesday, February 12th.

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