Book Review: ‘The Monstrous Citadel’ Is A Good Follow Up To City Of Broken Magic

Author Mirah Bolender is back with his follow-up to last years great debut novel City Of Broken Magic. Book number two The Monstrous Citadel continues the story of Laura and Okane and The Sweepers.

In Amicae, the city of sweepers the story continues with Laura Cramer losing the position of head sweeper and being demoted to just a sweeper. A new head sweeper named Juliana MacDaniel, from Puer, along with her brother Lester to sure up the sweepers. Laura and Okane are skeptical of them and maintain their secrets from them. The equipment they have isn’t as strong as what Laura and Okane are use to.

And things are happening. Rival mob gangs are fighting for control and a new more powerful monsters are showing up and they are having trouble defeating them. So they must go to Rex and try and get more Kin to help defeat these new monsters. The two of them must work in tandem with Juliana and Lester and still be able to help defeat these monsters and keep the mob at bay and keep the public from freaking out more than they are.

This is a great follow-up to the first book. The characters of Laura and Okana are more fleshed out and the magical elements from the first book continue on in a good way here. Two down in the series and hopefully more are coming!

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, November 5th from Tor.

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